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Jessica Johnson is an astounding individual.  Upon first introduction, she may seem like your average teacher; kind, caring, genuine.  If you spend any significant time with her, you'll discover this, and so much more.  

Jessica is a gifted artist with big ambitions.  She currently creates various pottery products, from mugs and plates, to yarn bowls and teapots.  She doesn't stop there.  Jessica cares for a herd of 9 angoras, from which she also spins yarn.  Dying fiber, spinning, felting, throwing pottery, and making soap and lotion keep her  busy on top of her full time teaching position. 


Jessica is starting a facet of her company that customizes perfume to her clients!  The process takes a little over a month, depending on your desire to change the recipe.  Contact her today to fill out the info sheet about what scent you're hoping for, and she will create a recipe just for you! Wild Hare Boutique will own the recipe, but it will only be made for you.  

Jessica dreams one day of providing a holistic, organic care center for the disabled where they can learn to care for animals, glaze pottery, dye fabrics and find an artistic passion.  


Buying a craft from Jessica doesn't just make your home look brighter; it gives life to an amazing idea.  


If you're interested in having Jessica design something special for you, use the contact form to the right!You can also visit her Etsy page for pre-created goods.  For samples of her lotions and soaps, or to see her work in person, stop by our Admin's office at The OWN!

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