My passion for skincare and massage started at an early age. My family holds touch in high esteem, and I fondly remember receiving massages on almost a daily basis from my mother and older sister. Since then, I received hundreds of facials and massages from numerous talented providers. I continue to experiment with different skincare products and philosophies.

I am a licensed Esthetician and Massage Therapist with thirteen years of experience. My love for massage enabled me to perform over 10,000 hours (and counting) of bodywork during my career. From South Dakota State University, I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication studies; my emphasis focused on non-verbal communication and movement education. Also, I started part-time work in 2014 under an industry leading, local dermatologist where I provide medical treatments such as microneedling and advanced chemical peels.

Recently, I refocused my practice and channeled my time and energy into my passion of skincare. My facials are always heavily massage-focused. I continue to train and study in order to deepen my practice by delving into subjects like deep tissue cleansing, detoxifying modalities, and nutrition targeted for the skin. Seeing that each unique client has a need for personalized care, I customize my sessions to address these needs from a holistic view.

These personalized sessions create long-lasting, positive changes and result in glowing beauty from within and out. As part of my practice, clients receive customized suggestions and strategies, which empowers each of them to take their skin transformation and lasting health into their own hands. Together we will reach, maintain, and (possibly) even exceed your skincare goals.

I look forward to working with you to achieve your skin’s highest potential!

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