Grief support and advocacy for mothers who have lost.

In times of grief it is imperative to have someone to share that grief with who truly understands and can offer guidance from personal experience. Tabatha Murphy is that person for many in the Rapid City area through her nonprofit organization, Surviving with Grace.

Surviving with Grace offers faith-based support and advocacy services to grieving families and individuals in the Rapid City and Black Hills area. The organization offers a no-pressure, comfortable, and safe path to healing through love:

"I believe love and grief are interconnected and the best way for us to find a path of healthy healing in our journey of grief is through more love. Love is why we grieve so deeply, and love is what will help us get through."   - Tabatha Murphy, Surviving with Grace Founder

A mother, entrepreneur, and volunteer in a variety of organizations, Tabatha is a real-life heroine and champion of compassion and hope. "[My best daily moment is] when I get the opportunity to talk to my kids about how we can all make a difference in the world -- even if it's just for one person. I already see them following their own paths to fill this kind of purpose and it makes me so proud to be their mother." Her ability to inspire and share warmth has propelled her from a career in marketing and public relations to one focused on fulfillment and healing.

Surviving with Grace offers care packages and response teams during your darkest moments.  

To reach out for support, please use the form below or contact us on Facebook.  If you're interested in serving on our Board, or donating to our mission, please get in touch with us today!

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Sometimes just knowing your not alone can bring a smile back!

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