After November Courses

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After November Courses

from 5.00

After November: A course for writers.

(Each course begins at 1:00pm MST and lasts until around 3:30pm.)


Did you complete NaNo, or the National Novel Writing Month?

Did you reach 50,000 words but are struggling to determine what comes next?

Do you have a great story inside of you but aren't sure how to get it out?

"After November" is for you. Developed by an experienced author, this 6-session course will walk you through the steps from your first story idea, to 50,000 words and beyond. Each step - from determining the genre and selecting narration, to drafting characters and creating backstory, through editing, proofreading and publishing - will gently help you nurture that story idea and craft it into a working manuscript and then, a finished product.

This is a 6-session course available both live and by webcast. The 2015 offering will be held in Rapid City, South Dakota. The cost for the first class is $5.00. Each subsequent class is $20.00. Discounts are available.

After November is not affiliated with the National Novel Writing Month or All content, opinions and advice are solely that of the author of this course, Lisa Ann Gallagher.