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Art heals. It just does. It doesn’t care if you’re an artist, or if you’re creative. It will heal you anyways.
— Brianna Heida



Using creativity and spiritual art, Brianna Heida guides women to connect with faith, spiritual healing, and transformation.  With a contagious creativity, Brianna inspires those around her to live with joy and passion.  Whether she's helping to guide fellow OWNers or new clients into authentic purpose, or guiding the healing process with creativity, Brianna adds more love and bravery to the world, one session at a time.


In addition to being a mother of four, Brianna leads workshops and training sessions for individuals or teams, and does one-on-one coaching from a faith-based perspective.  Her nonprofit ministry, Painted Prayers, Inc., serves to further her mission of promoting healing through the arts. Brianna is a certified Christian life coach, a minister, and an artist; she's available for coaching, traveling workshops, and creative sessions

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more fun.
  • Brianna is an avid DIY-er
  • Getting lost in the great outdoors keeps her full of energy
  • She loves dark chocolate and inspiring those aha moments in others
  • Available for retreats and traveling workshops, Painted Prayers, Inc. is mobile

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