It all started as a simple thought:

"Wouldn't it be cool if there was a company that contracted women of any profession?"

That way, women could do what they were really good at- be it project management, photography, design, writing, or anything else- with the freedom and flexibility of self employment.  This company would provide office space (no more cleaning up for meetings at home), general assistance (without the costly overhead of hiring someone), and a community of peers for support (so you don't always feel like you're working on an island).  All the perks of working for a larger company without having to sacrifice what you were truly passionate about seemed to us like an idea worth investing in!

Since that original concept, The OWN has emerged as a platform of subscribe-able and supportive services rather than a contracting company.  Where contracting was more of a "top down" approach, subscribe-able services is a "bottom up" platform. This way, our clients can maintain complete control over their businesses and benefit from our services.  We still provide the space, the assistance and the collaborative community, without the need to tell anyone how to run their business!

Today, we're more than another networking group.  We're here to give female business owners access to the tools they need to be successful.  Office space, administrative assistance, web presence, social media promotion, networking opportunities, and a supportive group of peers are all available resources through our platform.  Since each service is also available on a month to month basis, you're free to change your services easily with your changing business needs.  No long term commitments for expensive leases.  Just you, your business, and our support!

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Read what some of our OWNers have to say about being part of our community:

[Joining The OWN] has given me a HUGE boost in my business! Not only have I been able to partake in some pretty kick-*ss networking opportunities, I’ve also found an amazing pool of women rocking the business world — from whom I can get ideas, feedback, support, encouragement, and affiliation + referrals. It’s pretty much the best thing I’ve done for my business since I opened my biz checking. Simply being part of the energy of this co-op is astounding, and has jump-started my own motivation and inspiration in ways too numerous to count.
— Brianna H
I originally joined The OWN to utilize additional online presence, and business support, and ended up in an stellar community of equals. The OWN truly embraces,” Wouldn’t it be cool if...” by not only helping you reach your goals, but being excited about it with you.
— Bridget Z
Initially it filled a need of a working space in Rapid City....however....its given me much much more.
A great network of entrepreneurial women and a resources locally I wouldn’t have in any other networks. There are great perks to being part of this it!
— Lisa J
I love the ability to hire help on a monthly basis for a very affordable price. I’ve used it once and am happy so far and also really love how Veronica was able to hear what I needed and welcome the clarification.
— Karen B
Sam made sure I understood all the benefits and components of being an OWNer. She has made me feel very comfortable with moving at my own pace and developing my business. It is great knowing that I have a “team” of “cheerleaders!”
— Helen U
From the beginning I’ve felt welcomed by all of The OWNers. It’s an amazing feeling to know there are women in your community there to cheer you on and to help you in all aspects of your business, especially networking!
— Kinsey G
I’m honored to be part of a community of caring, smart, talented and well-rounded women. There’s nothing else quite like the OWN in the Black Hills region!
— Molly B
I love that I can reach into this pool of powerful women anytime I need something, whether it’s business related or personal. I am continually inspired by this community of talented, passionate and accomplished women.
— Karen
I love being a part of the Own. The sense of community and support is great. I always feel encouraged when at an Own event. The other Owners have become friends, and they all inspire me to believe even more in the mission of this amazing group. I have much admiration and respect for everyone who is a part of the Own, and it is awesome to see the vision become a wonderful reality!
By cooperation instead of competition, by listening, supporting, and helping others achieve their goals and dreams then we also achieve our own!
— Lori E