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National Shopping Service Network, LLC (NSSN) offers top quality services to assist you in implementing a program to provide vital information for the survival, growth and prosperity of your business.

Mystery Shopping is one of the most flexible and beneficial tools for data collection that exists to evaluate your business and employees. The information collected is specific to each industry, and then further tailored to each client's individual needs. 

National Shopping Service Network (NSSN) has been providing mystery shopping services and market research solutions since 1986. After beginning as a regional company offering mystery shopping services in the Denver, CO area, they soon grew to a national level and have the opportunity to serve a wide variety of industries across the United States and Canada. NSSN's experience and knowledge gained over more than 30 years gives them the ability to provide superior programs for thier clients.

NSSN's team focuses on four C's to provide their clients with superior service: Collaborate, Communicate, Cultivate and Care.  Contact us to learn more about the advantages of working with the National Shopping Service Network team.

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As in the business name, NSSN is a national company, so we provide service across the US and Canada.

Our industry is referred to by many names, including Mystery Shopping, Secret Shopping, Customer Experience Research and Market Research.

NSSN has a solution for nearly any business. Customer experience evaluations are the most common, but Amber also provides a wide variety of data collection and market research services, such as competitive price discovery.

NSSN has been operating since 1986. It started as a regional company in the Denver area and expanded to the entire US and Canada and even did some work in the UK. After working for the company for 10 years, Amber took over ownership in 2017 when the previous owners were ready to retire.

NSSN couldn’t operate without the help of their shoppers. These are the people who go out and complete the assignments (surveys, store visits, etc.) for us. Mystery Shopping  has over 270,000 shoppers registered with NSSN and they are always accepting new registrations. It’s free to sign up!

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