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I love being able to be a witness to some of life’s greatest and most devastating moments. My camera is a tool to be able to tell people’s stories and share those stories with the world.
— Kristina Barker


Following her passion for visual storytelling, Kristina Barker documents rural life across the region for a variety of news clients. Her skills as a photojournalist are also seen in her photographs for families, businesses and wedding clients. From working full-time as a staff member of a newsroom to coordinating projects remotely with national editors, Kristina brings a unique perspective to local clients looking to tell their story through photographs. Since the launch of her company, she's added to her scope of services, taking clients for marketing imagery, stock photos, documentary projects and videography.

Kristina found a great love for western South Dakota and the surrounding region. Moving to Rapid City from California in 2008, she's been involved in a wide range of photography projects here in South Dakota, including many local non-profit fundraisers.

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More Fun:
  • Kristina has piloted a Cesna during an early internship in Washington state.
  • She's been sprayed by a white bengal tiger. "I cleaned myself off in the Civic Center bathroom and went back to work."
  • At Custer State Park, Kristina has felt the beating heart of a mountain lion during a photo session with a lion researcher.
  • "I've crossed the Cheyenne by wagon, horseback, and by foot- all in the same day while on the clock."
  • She's a sucker for sushi, visiting National Parks, and camping in the mountains.
  • Kristina has slept on the slope of a volcano... "only to wake up and find out that I had not seen the tent set up nearby, and my 'alarm clock' was a group of butterfly watchers standing over me- wondering why the photographer was sleeping outside."
  • Kristina is a member of BNI, the Rapid City Women's Network, and the National Press Photographers Association.

Eddie Adams Workshop Alumni || BNI Member || RC Women's Network Member