Koko FitClub Rapid City

Koko FitClub offers a unique fitness experience through combining technology
and individualized coaching.

Diane's family, featuring the youngest "kokonut".

This is the first gym I have been to where I felt comfortable and accepted for not being the most fit person and being encouraged to not give up and start a lifestyle change at my own pace.
— Koko FitClub member

Koko FitClub combines cardio and strength training for a custom workout plan.  Members experience great results with a couple sessions a week. Training is implemented through technology and Certified FitCoaches.  Fitness plans are customized for each member and their goals. 


Koko FitClub Rapid City

Diane loves to use essential oils for health and healing benefits.

Her burning desire is to see the northern lights.


She loves ice cream cake.


Her favorite daily moment
is her latte break.

Diane Knutson, the owner of Koko FitClub, is much more than just a fitness coach. Diane is a wife and mom to a sweet baby girl, Bridgette. She loves animals, and you often can find her pup Otes, short for Coyote, at work with her. 

Diane loves giving back to her community. Her dream job would to be a philanthropist and mom. She is passionate about reducing light pollution, and serves as a board director for International Dark Sky Association. 


Diane is passionate about reducing light pollution and serves as a board director for International Dark Sky Association. (1).png

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