Indigo Owl- Intuitive Life Coach

An Intuitive Coaching session with Hannah holds limitless possibilities.  Each session held in respect and love with an open heart.  With Hannah's intuitive ability she connects with your Spirit Guides and your Higher Self to channel information that is specific for you. She follows no guidelines as each person holds different paths of their Soul. This physical world clutters our minds and we often get sidetracked as to what we came here to accomplish. 

Hannah also does Medium Healing Sessions as well. She is able to connect with the Spirit of loved ones who have passed way and deliver their messages. Connecting with a loved one might be just what you need to help you move on. 
What does your Soul need to evolve? What help could you use along your way? What messages are waiting for you? 

Hannah has intuitive abilities that allow her to access energy that needs to be removed.
Hannah will fight for you. She will encourage you. She will challenge you. She will fill you with hope. You just will have to show up, so you can begin!




Each session is held in love and there is no judgement. I will be present and with an open heart. I connect with your Spirit Guides, as well as your higher self, and translate the guidance to you.

I want to help add clarity to each individuals life. Get them in touch with their intuition so they can unleash the wisdom that we all carry. Our answers we seek are within us, we just need to reconnect with our Souls and unlock that knowledge.
— Hannah Helms

With grace, I connect to the energy of loved ones that have departed from this physical world.

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