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If you've never met Lisa, you should strongly consider using the contact info below to get in touch with her.  Trust us, this is a woman you want to know...  

Lisa is the self published author of 3 books; a novel, a book of poetry, and most recently, a memoir of her early adulthood in Detroit.  From being the lead singer of an all girls punk rock band, to a product trainer for Cadillac, Lisa is passionate about living as full a life as possible.  She has inspired us to share our stories with the world around us, to be accepting of others who are different, knowing that we all have hidden stories.


Lisa Ann is available for freelance writing services, web content and article building, press releases and business coaching/workshops


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- After November -

After November Courses

A course for writers,  "After November" was developed by Lisa as a 6-session course that will walk you through every step from your first story idea to 50,000 words and beyond. Each step - from determining the genre and selecting narration, to drafting characters and creating backstory, through editing, proofreading and publishing - will gently help you nurture that story idea and craft it into a working manuscript and then, a finished product!


Sessions are designed to be taken in succession, as each one builds on the teachings of the last!


All class sessions are from 1:00pm-3:00pm MST

  • Session One: Presenting your idea, determining the genre, defining your key audience.
  • Session Two: Select your narration, chart the plot, write an outline.
  • Session Three: Draft your characters, write your backstory, do your research.
  • Session Four: Building your story up, making a harsh cut, building your story in full.
  • Session Five: Finding your audience, enlisting a copy editor, locating a beta-reader.
  • Session Six: Final Editing, formatting and design, publication and world domination*.

*course not intended to provide actual world domination.

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After November- Session 6 Download
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- Published Works -

By Lisa Ann Gallagher

Flower of Fire
By Lisa Ann Gallagher
The Laws of Gravity
By Lisa Ann Gallagher

- Connect with Lisa -

More fun.
  • Lisa has been writing seriously since she was 9 years old.
  • She's visited 44 states and 16 countries!
  • Lisa is a very focused, project minded-person.
  • She's currently working on her 4th book!
  • Lisa is fascinated with everything, and her curiosity fuels her zest for life and her writing.