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 Kimberly Jaragoske   Owner & Founder

Kimberly Jaragoske
Owner & Founder

After working with nearly 2,000 clients over the past 15 years, I learned very well what areas were the most common struggles for owners and their businesses. I thought, "There is a better way to serve them." 

So, Divergent was born as a resource to obtain that assistance by developing a relationship with one group of professionals, rather than having to go out and find that support from five different places or pay outrageous prices. 

We are passionate about seeing every business succeed, so we formed our team based on the needs of every entrepreneur. The synergy created through our suite of services results in even greater value to you!

We're here to ensure you're business is set up properly and is compliant, gets organized and stays organized, finances, payroll and taxes are in check, strategizes proper marketing tools and manages them well, and we'll coach you through the uncertainties to ensure you've got customers in your doors or hiring your services.

I bring a unique perspective to starting or growing a business. My combined education and real life work experience in tax, financial and credit services, and business coaching, plus having been an entrepreneur myself since 2009, have allowed me to develop an ability to think critically, strategically, creatively and effectively as we approach working with your business/idea.  


There is much to think of when in business. Whether it's choosing a business name (researching availability, trademarks, choosing how many characters long, etc.), selecting a business structure or hiring employees, I've been there, done that and use all my knowledge and experience as a benefit to your business.  Trust me, it's much easier to try to get it right the first time than to go back down the road and attempt to fix the issues. 

Our passion is to help you by providing the proper tools and guidance to be prepared to succeed in business.  I look forward to meeting you soon!

Aside from Kimberly's business, she is a busy mom of two and plays in pool leagues around the Black Hills.

I am grateful for every single day I am here to do good.
— kimberly jaragoske

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