- Cheri St. Pierre -

Cheri St. Pierre has been a strong name in Real Estate in the Black Hills for more than 15 years.

  As a South Dakota Real Estate Licensed professional, Cheri loves to educate her clients on the process of buying and selling their property.  Cheri also prides herself on being an excellent negotiator and mediator, and her many clients would agree.


Although she's often asked whether or not it's cheaper to buy or sell without a realtor, Cheri answers candidly "It can be, but most times it can cost a person a lot of money to not use a professional. I know of situations where sellers have lost more than $20,000 selling on their own, and it's happened to buyers [too]."



As if being a real estate agent isn't enough on it's own, Cheri also manages property here in Rapid City that transitions those struggling with mental illness into daily life.  Telling us she wants to help children live in safe, loving homes, Cheri uses her background in psychology and counseling to help her clients find a stable place to reside.


Professional real estate service throughout the Black Hills means more to this busy mom than paperwork transactions.  It's helping people live safer, more stable lives.  It's finding the perfect spot for her clients and friends to plant their feet, and build their future.  Cheri understands deeply the connection between people and places, and loves being a part of the process, from search to satisfaction. 


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B.S. In Psychology | M.A. in Educational Psychology and Counseling | South Dakota Real Estate Licensed

Cheri loves: "family, selling real estate, helping in the community, skiing, running, biking, swimming, hiking, and the list goes on... I don't sit well."