Capital H Graphic Design is boutique design shop that specializes in modern, clean print design.

 Jenny Hoover | Owner of Capital H Design

Jenny Hoover | Owner of Capital H Design

Owner Jenny Hoover has worked with a variety of clients, from large national corporations to small business owners. Jenny's background is in art, with a BA in Studio Art from University of California Irvine and she has over 13 years of experience in  graphic design. 

She is down-to-earth, mellow, and easy to work with, stating, "I don't dominate, I compliment. I believe in teamwork and partnerships. My questions is always, "how can we work together to have the best outcome?""

Aside from work, Jenny is kept busy with her three-year-old daughter, and loves to spend time outdoors--hiking, snowboarding,  and gardening are a few of her favorite activities. 


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