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Bridget Zuvela's business is all about empowering people through bodywork & massage.  


Graduating massage school in 2003, she specializes in Swedish Massage, deep tissue, myofacial release, and abdominal massage.  She is also available to hire for on-location massages for businesses, events, and fundraisers. 


Her work is individualized, as she strives to provide her clients an open and communicative environment.  Bridget believes massage is an interactive process.

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View Bridget's Services and Descriptions

View Bridget's Services and Descriptions

T: 605.391.1671 | E: groundedtouchmassage@gmail.com

More fun facts about Bridget:

  • Bridget plans to study trauma touch therapy, cranial sacral therapy.
  • She loves 80's music. Vinyl is best.
  • Camping, sitting around a campfire with friends, and hiking are Bridget's favorite activities.
  • She hopes to someday visit Europe and travel more frequently!
  • Bridget is a Scrabble addict, and a self-described "board game enthusiast".
  • She's an animal lover, listing her dog as one of her favorite things, and plans to someday learn canine massage!
  • Bridget hopes to add a little peace to the world, saying she wants "people to find their own truth."