I learned that “this moment” is what I have.  I learned that hurry is a poor substitute for peace.  I learned that some things are better left undone.  I learned that I have a team that not only is capable of helping me, but that they seem to want to help me, and that I need to allow help to happen to me.  I learned that a little grace, a lot of connection, and a certain amount of stillness is good for the soul.  I am still learning how much stillness is required of me for my heart to rest, and that’s not an easy lesson for a busybody like me to answer.  Perhaps check back in 2019.

Is that Calendar correct? Is it really the last month of 2016?

If the end of the year has you feeling like time has gotten away from you, perhaps it’s because of distractions. Each business owner is juggling so many responsibilities, deadlines, personal chores and more. Is it any wonder that the idea of focus is a laughable matter for many of us?

Multi-tasking is getting a bad rap out there, and perhaps rightly so. Instead, let’s give that which is of the most import in our lives and our businesses the focus that they deserve.

How do you find focus? Do you turn off the cellphone and social media, lock the door and devote a couple hours to catching up on your backlog of invoicing? Or do you set smaller timers for yourself, fifteen minute or even five minute “power blasts”?

As we prepare to wrap up 2016 (and what an amazing year it has been!) and usher in 2017, let’s talk about some of the ways we can find focus:

  • Your Peers: nothing speaks to accountability like having people surrounding you that will tell you the truth and hold you to your promises. Choose the people that will be honest and understanding. Or, join us Wednesday afternoons for The Charette where OWNers and Members come together to really talk about the back end of running a business!

  • Sharing Space: it might be challenging to focus on the work at hand when we’re in our personal space. Working from home has its perks, sure – but it has its pitfalls. Sharing in one of the two available co-working spaces at The OWN allows you to set your own schedule, meet with clients but more importantly, to share a space intended for accomplishment. Your workmates get it: you’re at the office because this is where you need to find your focus. They respect that – and they share the costs. It helps to focus when you’re not worried about when that utility bill was due, or when the water delivery man is going to pop by!

  • Finding the Calm Within: as the days grow shorter it seems like our list of responsibilities grow longer. But take advantage of the season. When the light outside grows dim, find a place of stillness within yourself. Even if it’s just for a few moments, with meditation. Light a candle, sit in a quiet place and remind yourself of your intentions. And set some new ones for 2017. Also, don’t forget you can grab a day pass for Sol Yoga and take in a class to help ground you physically, spiritually and mentally.

  • Apps: We love to talk about tools for organization and there are great apps that will help you find your focus. From Trello’s visual board system, to Noisli (which gives you ambient noise while working) to Freedom (all devices) or Focus (Mac-only) which reduce digital distractions on your devices. Find the tool that helps you focus on the tasks at hand.

As the year winds down it’s not uncommon to find your focus spiraling due to the distractions and holiday responsibilities. But you and your business deserve to find a place of peace and focus. What better time than the end of the season, the time of generosity and thankfulness, to give yourself the gift of focus! 

Blog written by Lisa Ann Gallagher of Evergreen Script Services

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One of the greatest phenomenon’s of the modern professional world is the notion of Co-Working. Sharing space and costs within a community. But more importantly, it’s about building connections.

There are now co-working spaces available in literally every corner of the world. From Detroit to Denver, Taiwan to Teheran, entrepreneurs are coming together and bringing their ideas into their shared spaces.

From 2000 to 2014 the location trend for professionals was telecommuting. Saving gas money, being more present in the lives of their families – these were benefits of working from home offices. But the price to be paid was an emotional one: most at-home workers felt isolated from their peers and void of the professional interactions they previously enjoyed when working out of the home.

The answer became simple: What if we find a space that feels like home, but without the interruptions of the kids, the spouse, the dogs, the Amazon deliveries? What if we could rent a space with all the amenities we need – wifi, kitchen, mail service, maybe even some administrative support – but share the expenses with others?

Thus began the birth of Co-working. For the last two years more and more individuals are choosing to share space with other professionals. And it’s not just business owners – many employees are able to save their company significant amounts of rent and utilities by co-working. This also satisfies a municipal quandary – what to do with all the empty office spaces? Some closed due to telecommuting trends, many more due to economic closures. There are now malls and office buildings and even government centers that are being repurposed to serve their professional communities.

When you share space, you bring your energy into a shared office environment. Butyou also receive the energy of all those around you. That includes those you co-work with and the clients they bring into the office. But that’s not all you share: the costs of utilities, the amenities the office provides, and the responsibility for that space.

The OWN proudly hosts two co-working spaces here in Rapid City. Our original offices above Murphy’s, named The Commons, and now our second location above Firehouse Winery. We have a host of open and closed office spaces, laptop and desktop availability for anyone in our network. Whether you need a daily place to work from, or an occasional place to find focus, The OWN is available.

Nicest of all, you don’t have to make a long-term commitment if you only occasionally need the space. Teaching a class or seminar? Need a place for a private meeting with clients? Our Conference Room (above Murphy’s) is fully set up with a desk, podium, comfortable chairs and a projection screen for your presentations. We’ll also have a private office available during the last two months of 2016. Each of these can be rented by the hour, the day, the week, the month or the year. The OWN is excited to have the flexibility to meet your growing demands – including the unexpected ones! 

Please contact Veronica if you’d like to learn more about renting co-working space at The OWN!

Blog written by Lisa Ann Gallagher of Evergreen Script Services

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Tis the season!!  We're coming upon December, which means people have already started posting how many Friday's until Christmas on Facebook, leaving you a bit frantic to find great gifts!  Even more if you're working to find local, sustainably made gifts!  

Let The OWN help out a bit this year, and provide a handy shopping list for your ease!