I learned that “this moment” is what I have.  I learned that hurry is a poor substitute for peace.  I learned that some things are better left undone.  I learned that I have a team that not only is capable of helping me, but that they seem to want to help me, and that I need to allow help to happen to me.  I learned that a little grace, a lot of connection, and a certain amount of stillness is good for the soul.  I am still learning how much stillness is required of me for my heart to rest, and that’s not an easy lesson for a busybody like me to answer.  Perhaps check back in 2019.

If you take a look at the list of VIP Members we have in specific, you’re sure to notice their names and logos on everything from soccer jerseys to banners at non-profit events. These companies are often footing bills for networking events, small business classes, workshops, and tools for those in our city.  They very often provide matching funds to our schools fundraisers, are giving scholarships to talented students and athletes, and providing internships and mentorships to our community’s youth.

The OWN isn't a company.

The OWN is proof that some will live their lives.  Some will do more than get from A to B.  Some will take the time they've been given and do something with it that makes them come alive.  

It's more than just how we make a living; it's about the living we make matter.  

OWNers know it's the traveling- not the road- that gets you to your destination.

The OWN is the travelers.  The OWN is the ones who are alive.  The OWN is the unapologetic dreamers. The OWN is proof that it's possible. The OWN is you.

To all our fearless OWNers, and the one's we've yet to meet:

Thank you for being The OWN.

AuthorSamantha Ellis