As much as I love the “co-working” movement, I find myself having a hard time identifying The OWN as a “co-working” space.  We certainly do provide offices that are shared and affordable, but something about the phrase doesn’t quite fit us, and I recently realized why. We are more of a co-living network than a co-working one.

For us, it’s not just about working in the same space. It’s about sharing a life that works for you. As a small business owner, the struggle to find a space to get your work done can be a real and  challenging one.  If you’re finding yourself in that situation, consider looking to your network of contacts to see if someone already has a business that would be cool (and appropriate) for you to office in.  Ask if you can share their space and the cost of that space. In some situations, that might be a better fit for you and your life/business than The OWN’s offices (not that we don’t want to meet you- we do!).  Several of our OWNers share space with someone else in lieu of using our shared office, and that is an option that we love and support! My whole point in this idea is to reiterate that The OWN wasn’t originally founded to be the answer to a question, but rather another question, “What if?”.

The OWN Fall Fesitval

The OWN Fall Fesitval

What if there were other ways to work, other ways to go about our lives and businesses in ways that make sense for the different needs of each life? What if others came together to support that?  What if we could all share the burden of cost, but also share the burden (and joy) of life in general?

Many of us have grown up in a culture of digital everything, so slowing down enough to take time to MEET people in person and connect has become a lost art.  What if a group got together regularly to talk- agenda free- and work things out in the presence of others?  We’re not mental health professionals, but this idea of “doing life together” seems to keep many of us grounded, fulfilled, and connected to others, the world, and ourselves.

Our solutions to some of the growing pains of a business are not the ultimate answer for each person or business.  We have simply found one option, although there are unlimited ways people work, connect, and share life together, and each one is creative and valuable!  At The OWN, we want to encourage others to create a new unique solution when possible, rather than trying to make the provided options work when they just don’t fit.

If you’re in a season of looking for new ways to do things that need a change, consider getting in touch! We’d love to chat about the options or ideas available to you!

AuthorSamantha Schmeltzer