I am a lucky person. I run a company that does exactly what I dreamed it could do: bring talented women together as a community that supports one another, and succeeds together while making life easier and more enjoyable.  I wake up everyday excited to go to work.  I'm quite literally living my dreams.

And what's even more exciting?  I'm not alone:

And these are just a few responses that echo the same fact: OWNers love what they do.

Getting in touch with an OWNer means connecting with someone who knows what they want from life, and is courageous enough to go after it.  It means working with the best professionals: those that are passionate and intentional with their work.  If you get to know any of the entrepreneurs in this community, you'll be getting to know a woman who has taken her life into her own hands, and faces the challenges and opportunities that kind of ownership brings on a daily basis.  

OWNers are professionals who care enough about their work to risk just about anything, just for the chance to do what they love.  

If you're not currently working with professionals who are talented and love their work, consider getting in touch with an OWNer.  You're likely to make a connection with a freelancer, consultant, or professional you'll look forward to working with for a long time.

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AuthorSamantha Ellis