At The OWN, we're surrounded by very busy people.

We get it! We're busy too!  So much so, that often we all find ourselves indulging in some not-so-healthy habits.  We've had our fair share of bagged lunches (the extra large Coke was free, okay?), sitting for far too long to meet a deadline, or just plain running ourselves ragged from the quantity of work that surrounds us each day.

As businesswomen, it's easy to "care" for the immediate needs of those around us. It's not quite as easy to do that for ourselves. When was the last time you cancelled an event because a friend, child, or your partner needed you? Probably somewhat recently.  On the other hand, when was the last time you cancelled because you needed time to yourself? If you can even think of a time for the latter, do you remember feeling guilty about it?

While many of us take the first of the year to resolve a better future of habits, we want to make sure that those in our network have the opportunity to invest in self-care more than one time a year.

Starting this fall, The OWN has teamed with Walking In Grace (one of our OWNer's companies) to create a self-care retreat unlike anything else.  Laura Longville- CEO of Walking In Grace- has constructed mini workshops from the top voted "topics" that our OWNers were interested in.  During this November event, attendees will have the opportunity to unplug, take some time for themselves, and learn new ways to deal with feelings of inadequacy, how to navigate the emotional issue of money (especially useful as a business owner), and better ways to communicate in relationships.

As this is a "women only" 3 day event, we'll have the time and safe place needed to explore issues that matter to us.  As an event catered towards business women, we'll dive into topics that emotionally drain business owners the most frequently.

So if it's been a while since you invested in yourself, consider joining us at The Spark this November.  Click the link below to view the full details, and we hope to see you there!

Please note- this event offers discounts for those in our network (OWNers).  If you know an OWNer, consider asking them to use their discount for your reservation!

AuthorSamantha Ellis