The OWN exists for many reasons, first and foremost to support female entrepreneurialism. We were founded on the belief that women can accomplish amazing things with a few helpful tools.  Our company is now fortunate enough to witness this reality on a daily basis.

The OWN also exists as a personal passion to see women come together to change the social landscape of how we culturally view females.

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We want to see women liberated from objectification in the media, which can hinder women's personal and professional growth.  We want to see young girls with a natural tendency of leadership nurtured instead of stifled due to antiquated gender roles.  We want to watch the number of women-owned businesses grow as a result of empowerment and education.  We want gender equality to be tangible, rather than just topical.  We want to celebrate the differences in men and women without calling one superior, for the betterment of our youths' emotional and social development.  

Essentially, we want to watch our culture stop putting women and men in boxes altogether, and we hope to be a small (or large) part of that.

Women and businesses that are involved with The OWN aren't companies that can't do it alone.  They're companies that want to be a part of an amazing network, and benefit from the freedom of connection.  If you're interested in the same, please feel free to get in touch with us.  The OWN isn't always a fit for everyone, but we all benefit from making a new friend or two!

coffee is always better with a friend... and sugar.

AuthorSamantha Ellis

Loving your body can correlate with more confidence, leading to a better life, better partners, healthier children, happier friends, better mental health, and even- yep- more money.

This 16 minute TEDTalk by Jes Baker is honest, authentic, and packed with good info, scary statistics, and how to get started on your journey to love your body!

Please note that the end of the video does reference sexual activity.  If you want to share these ideas with your children, you might want to screen the entire video on your own first!

You look fabulous.  Your body, hair, skin, and every little thing about you is absolutely beautiful. Pass on the body love!  It's a great way to live!

AuthorSamantha Ellis