They say that to every season, there is a purpose.

Winter is for contemplation. For looking inward and reflecting upon our past. A time to reflect upon where we are and where we want to be. Winter is for solitude and contemplation.

Spring is for renewal. A time to sow seeds for the future. A time of newness and new opportunities.

Summer is our season of joy. Of warmth and activity, a time with family in the beautiful Black Hills. But also a time of nurturing that which we are growing. Our vegetable gardens. Our client portfolios.

And Autumn is for… well, we don’t really have an autumn here in Western South Dakota, do we!

Our Winters feel interminably long. Our Springs are usually still pretty wintry, up until May. Our summers are hot, and they seem to go by so quickly, but our falls are practically non-existent.

But I’m an Autumn personality and I love everything about the fall! The colors, the crispness in the air, the harvest, Halloween, Thanksgiving. Most of you are dreaming about pumpkin spice lattes right about now – I’m thinking white chicken chili, and roasted butternut squash, and classic horror films.

Whatever your preferences are as we head into autumn, let’s make the most of what we have. Our little three-week fall still comes with incredibly scenic sights to take in. Spearfish Canyon, Custer State Park and even here in Rapid City at Founders and Memorial Park.

So, although we may not get much of an autumn, let’s enjoy what we get. Let’s remember that this, too, is a season. A season to harvest, a season to prepare. A time to reap what we have sown.

And we have sown a lot, OWNers and Members! Just think of all that we, together, have accomplished in the past two years! We deserve to take a drive to take in the changing colors and reflect upon what, in each of our businesses and lives, is beautifully changing too. 

It has been two full years since The OWN was launched and we are celebrating! Today, there are nearly 80 people and organizations in our network and we are growing by the month. 

As we head into our short Autumn season, remember to reap what you have sown. Not just in terms of the hard work you’ve put into your businesses, but what you have helped to create with The OWN community. Join us at our Halloween Social and keep up with all of our OWNers and Members as head into the winter months. So, order your PSL and pull the sweaters out of the closet, grab your camera or a couple of good friends and head out into the beautiful Autumn to take in the falling of leaves.

After all – Autumn doesn’t last long!

Blog written by Lisa Ann Gallagher of Evergreen Script Services

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It’s that time of the year. The temperature has dropped slightly, just enough to bring a mild chill to Black Hills nights. Another Rally Season has come and gone, along with the summer rain and hail storms. Rapid City’s Summer Nights is winding down – and the kids are heading back to school.

For many of us, back-to-school season is a relief. The kids are out of the house, out of your hair and you get to rededicate yourself back to your business again. For many of us, also, this is a chance to start planning ahead. Securing contracts and clients before winter kicks in. Looking ahead to the full school year. Planning our work lives around holidays and vacations and tax season.

But along with educating our children, are we educating ourselves?

Each of us, in every area of business, needs to continue to hone our many skills and talents. Are we putting our training needs as high on our priority list as our kids'?


"Are we putting our training needs as high on our priority list as our kids'?"



Through community colleges and continuing education centers, we can find a host of live classes in our own neighborhoods that provide beneficial training. Or, we can take the time to invest in the multitude of online training available. From webinars toe-learning centers, there are a host of classes available.

As you take time to shop for your kids’ school supplies, take a look back. Where are you in the span of your business? A year in? Five years in? Is this where you wanted to be and are you as successful as you had planned? What are the ways that you can use education to help refocus on your goals?

For some of us, there are specific licensing and accreditation that we know to keep up on. For others, while not as black and white, there is plenty of training available that can help us.

A great way of assessing what education might benefit you is to form relationships with your peers. It’s easy to view someone who does the exact same work as you as competition. But the real gift is to look at them as an opportunity for betterment.  Learn from them. Share with them. Find out what classes and studies they are taking. Pass on referrals for great webinars and continuing education. 

It’s as easy as your ABC’s. Well – your ABL’s – Always Be Learning!

Develop a curriculum for your business. Part of creating your business plan would have included setting specific goals. Have you reached those goals – and if not, what additional training could you take to help move you closer to them?

Create a specific agenda and timeframe. If you want to complete 15 hours of education each quarter, how much of that will be live – how much via the web? Are there specific programs you want to register for? You might even need to set a budget if there will be an expense for your classes.

As we kick off another school season, let’s make sure to prioritize our own education along with the kids!

Blog written by Lisa Ann Gallagher of Evergreen Script Services

AuthorOWN Admin