At The OWN, we go through ebbs and flows just like any company. We are always striving to be better, to do more, and achieve greater levels of success, just like everyone else in the world.  But recently- maybe it’s been this season in particular- we’ve decided to stop. 

As I was reflecting on the New Year, I was challenging myself to find ways to do things better in the upcoming year.  “Streamline, be more efficient”, I thought, and in many ways internally our team at The OWN is doing that. I’m always a fan of simplifying and making things easier and better.  I was reflecting on the giants of industry, companies like Google and Amazon.  What do they have that made them the big successful companies they are? My first thought was “they have capitalized on our laziness”, but truly that was the lazy answer.  I’m by no means a lazy person, and I use Amazon as much as the next gal.  So what was so appealing about their model? It was then I discovered more about myself than Amazon; they cater to my ever expanding life.  My need for “more, faster, better” that never knows rest.  It’s not that I’m lazy, it’s that I’m busy, simple as that.

we're too busy, so let's slow down together!

So my next thought- “How do I make The OWN cater to our ever growing lives? What can I do for our clients that will help them in their busy days?” And on that thought, I spent several days pondering.  Ideas like a “best of” list each week, stuffed to the brim with articles or life hacks on how to cram even more into our eyes and ears and hearts came to my mind.  “Yes”, I thought, “that could help… but how”?  The question was almost a whisper, pulling me ever deeper to wondering, the way these reflections (and perhaps the magical holiday decor and glowing lights) often do.

That “how” was a dead-end for days.  Then, the simple truth of it seemed to stare at me straight in the eyes.  As I reflected on our weekend as a family, I knew the answer.  

As is custom during December, my family gets together to bake and decorate sugar cookies for ourselves, and maybe a few for Santa if he’s lucky.  My sister and I bring our families- babies up to 9 year olds, husbands in tow- to my mothers where for several hours we’re rolling out dough, baking and burning sheets of festive shapes soon to be adorned with multicolored glittering sugar and jelly-like icing.  The kids can barely wait to have the cookies in the oven, then they can barely wait to get them out, then it’s painful to wait to decorate each of them, and agonizing to wait to finally eat one.

But, as all good things in life, baking is a process, and it takes time.

Baking doesn’t worry about your agenda. It takes as long as it takes, and that’s just as it should be.

At home, after the weekend with family, my heart settled into the truth. One deeper than a company’s mission statement or plan for the New Year, but one that permeates those as well.

Good things in life- all good things- take time.

At The OWN, we might not be the most convenient service you subscribe to. You have to go to all the trouble of leaving your house, sometimes finding someone to watch babies, toddlers, and teenagers.  It takes a little more planning, and a few more logistics to join a meeting or a workshop.  One more thing, as we often say, is added to the calendar.  And where before I thought maybe our digital world could help ease the scheduling difficulties, today I’m all the more committed to this simple truth: the things that really matter do require an investment.  Usually it’s an investment of time, which is the ultimate currency.

At The OWN, we think the slow, connected, meaningful things are the best things to spend your time on. It may not be fancy, it may not “ping” that feeling of “newness” like when you have a box on your doorstep, but it lasts.  The things that matter to us are things like growing ourselves, growing our families, and growing our network of friends that care and understand.  Things like learning to slow down, learning how to make choices that build us up rather than tear us apart.  Things like lending a helping hand to someone in need, even if it’s a simple encouraging word.  Things like learning to control ourselves, rather than letting other people, or worse- our own ideas of what we “should be” control us.  Things like the power of connecting, the magic that comes from sharing our hearts with one another and finding that we get more in return when we give ourselves to others.

We hope to be the company that’s more about connectedness and peace than correspondence and productivity.

So, in 2018, we might not be the company that changes the way the world shops or searches the web, but we hope to be the company that changes the way we rest.  We hope to be the company that reminds you that you’re doing enough and you are enough.  We hope to be the company that reminds us that things that truly matter are not instant; they take time.  We hope to be the company that’s more about connectedness and peace than correspondence and productivity.  In an ever changing world, we hope to be the company that reminds you that you’ve known all along what matters most to you, and you have everything you need to be able to enjoy those things.

We hope, in 2018 (if not sooner) to meet you!  If you’re interested in connecting with us, and with an amazing community of people learning to take time for the things that matter, we’d love to hear from you.

I hope your Holiday Season is full of love, peace, and plenty of time.

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