I'm a younger sister, which means by the time I came along my parents had a nice little streak of trial and error with my big sister, so they knew what they were doing this time, marginally. 

The beauty of being a younger sister is a long list of things, most of which include having someone to ask life's important questions to. These questions start early in the form of "will you watch me jump off this ledge?” and last long into the adult years with "does my baby look normal to you?". Older sisters in particular are one of life's best treasures if you’re lucky enough to have one. My older sister specifically has saved my actual life on more than one occasion, which has also come in handy. 

Sisterhood’s value is too great to describe.  Sisterhood means starting a conversation with "I know this is dumb, but I have to just get it out", or "I'm freaking out, are you busy?". Sisters know when to say "knock it off" and when to say "what are you waiting for?". Good sisters know what to say when things are falling apart without making you feel like an absolute wreck. The best sisters know when to just shut up and sit there with you. 

In today's world, there's no shortage of advice on how to live, but sisters ask the valuable questions like, "is this working for you?". Sisters KNOW you, they know when you're faking it and call you on it. Sisters can sense, even through a one worded text, if something is "off" with you.

One of the single best parts of having a sister is what I like to call the validation conversation. It goes like this:

"I just spend $170 on a whateverobot, make me feel better about this."

Like a contestant on a game show, the called upon sister will start rapid-fire rambling off reasons why spending $170 on a whateverobot was the single best decision of your life, and for secondary benefits of spending said money, see section 1, items A-F.  Sisters can also help you decide whether or not to spend $170 in the first place, and if you're anything like my sister, making these kinds of choices may take months of agonizing analysis. To the point where they've actually stopped manufacturing whateverobots by the time she's decided, but that's another post. 

In an age of hyper-connectivity, we're quick to be a "diagnostic" type of people. Sisters know that real life often takes time to work itself out, and they don't rush the process of figuring things out

The beauty of sisterhood is apparent in every aspect of life if you're lucky enough to have a sister. The OWN in many ways embodies the magic of sisterhood, providing the time and safe space to have the laughter filled conversations as well as the tear filled ones. OWNers are quick to point out the good in each other, quick to champion one another, quick to say "I totally get it", or "buy a whateverobot- it'll change your life!".  In business, having this kind of sisterhood can literally mean you keep going when you want to quit. It can give you the space to have the honest conversations to figure out what is and isn't working. It can be the push when you needed to move, or the gentle reminder that you need to slow down.

Mentorships can and do work, but at The OWN we like the idea of a sisterhood- here when you need us to figure out and enjoy the journey together!

If you've been searching for your sisterhood, feel free to get in touch with us!!

AuthorSamantha Ellis