First tell us about your business-- How and why did you start it?
My business is RO Investigation and Research, LLC which focuses on defense investigations.  I started my business 2 years ago to bring the skills gained in  my 15 years in the law enforcement field to the defense side of the justice system.  

I work mostly court-appointed criminal cases in which I work closely with the attorney and client.  Each case requires a unique approach based upon the case itself, the needs of the attorney and client, and the information I gather throughout the investigation.


What services do you provide?
I provide services for attorneys and clients who are seeking a skilled investigator to further explore the case, law enforcement procedure, evidence, witnesses, and analysis.


What is a word of advice you can offer to other women in business?
I would tell other women in business to surround yourself with people and situations that either support where you currently are and/or where you want to be.  Doing so helps you focus on the positive and also creatively and efficiently moving through any problems.


Why do you love The OWN?
The women of the OWN refuel my energy and focus.  I love the women’s positive and problem-solving outlook.  Everyone is always moving forward and seeking ways to improve themselves and their businesses.   The energy in a room full of these women is something unexplainable but rather just has to be experienced.