Renee Sales and her team at The Sales Connection pride themselves on creating connections. They take the time to get to know you, your family, and your unique needs, in order to make your real estate experience easy and hassle-free. Renee and her team live and play in the Black Hills, and are excited to get you connected to the area. Their experience and desire to provide the best service to their clients drives great results—they are consistently one of the top teams in the Black Hills Read more about Renee's work, and be sure to get in touch with her!


First tell us about your business--how and why did you start it?

I worked for years as a single agent while mothering two young girls. I got really burned out missing their home runs and goals. I remember picking up my oldest up from school when she was 6 years old. I held up a finger because I had a client on the phone and I heard her mutter under her breath, “I wish I was a client.” I knew something had to change if I wanted to keep working in this industry that I loved.  I imagined creating a team of like-minded women who sought balance--- providing amazing service and a superior home buying experience while not sacrificing family time. As a result I now employ 4 other women/mothers and I have never been happier. Also (and I think this is no coincidence) my business has never been better.

What services do you provide?

We are a full service real estate team. In addition to representing buyers and sellers we offer education on the market and services for past and prospective clients looking for vendors – from roofers to interior design. One of our core principles is the connection. Three times a year we invite past clients and friends to gather with us and celebrate. We like to feature local businesses for raffle items and for the event locale. We do a spring brewery mixer, a summer pool party and a holiday reception.

Who can benefit from your services?

We believe in the value of service and education. Every one now has access to listings, but there is an information overload. WE believe a trusted and friendly professional is more important than ever in navigating this important purchase. We have many stories of owners who attempted to market and sell their home without a Realtor, only to become overwhelmed and miserable. We have worked with first time home buyers who were only guided by HGTV and needed advice that was pertinent to this local market and someone who would watch out for their investment. We frequently help overseas buyers (many who are transferring here with the military) and help them video tour and also connect with great local services once they arrive.

What is a word of advice you can offer to other women in business?

“Train” your clients up front. When I work with someone, I make a point to assure them they will always hear back from me within 24 hours (at most) with something non-emergency related. I let people know “when you hire our team, you are hiring people who value balance. We try and put our phones away at dinner and be present with our children.” I try and remind the women I work with that when they go on vacation, they need to be present THERE and let the system do it’s magic for them here. We work too hard and life is too short to try and be everywhere for everyone at once. I don’t know that I’ve ever lost a client explaining this up front—but I suppose if I do, that person was not the right fit for me.

Why do you love The OWN?

It’s all about the connections! I’ve broadened my circle with other amazing women. Any entrepreneur can feel lonely and insecure sometimes. You’re constantly tweaking your business plan and obsessing over the numbers and the “what can I do better.” I love being in a judgment-free zone where I can share ideas. It’s positive and affirming.


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