This week, OWNers got together for The Watch; a night where we gather to watch and discuss select documentaries.  Food often accompanies these events, and wine/beer usually makes an appearance.

This week's Documentary was "I'm Fine, Thanks" (preview below).

As always, the documentary was amazing; the conversation even better.  The one thing I think most of us took away from this movie/evening is that life is not a "one size fits all" journey.  We are all happy doing different things, we each come alive pursuing something unique, and we all have a very different idea of success.

"I'm Fine, Thanks" was echoing the passion and truth OWNers are living out: that the "American Dream" doesn't have to be conventional and dull.  As humans in a culture like ours, we all might feel like we're just doing what we're "supposed to do" at every mile marker through life.  School- check, career-check, relationship-check, and so on.  As women specifically, sometimes that list includes even more pressures on the side of how we look, dress, and act in society.  While there's no reason we should all quit our jobs and move into tiny houses this weekend, it is worth putting some thought into why we're all doing what we do.  Not everyone is going to find their perfect career in life, and as with all things work is a trade off at times.  Seasons, life circumstances, and specific needs create a very different picture for all of us.

The Watch + sunset + beer = magic

The Watch + sunset + beer = magic

Still, watching OWNers come into our community in the past year has lead me to believe there's more of us out there that felt what I once felt; the longing to pursue meaningful and fulfilling work.  Self-employment has become the answer for many of us, and though there's certainly a risk, The OWN was launched to help minimize the financial risk in whatever ways we can.  OWNers have responded by creating a more beautiful, diverse, and amazing community than anyone could have ever planned for.

OWNers are dreamers and doers.  They're the ones saying "that could work" and then finding out how. They're the ones supporting other women in the same field- even if they're direct competitors.  They're sharing their wine and their stories with one another, and helping each other grow and find the bravery they need to act.  These women have taught me that courage takes a lot of shapes, follows a lot of different paths, and speaks it's mind.  OWNers have impacted me deeply, each inspiring me in their own brilliant way.  OWNers all have their individual reasons for why they've started their own businesses and come to join our network, but they all have shown me the incredible power behind the "What if".  What if this works?  What if I fail?  What if I fly?  In the end, OWNers have taught me that the world hasn't seen the best of women; not just yet anyways.

If you're interested in meeting some of these amazing women, please join us at our next social event.  If you're thinking this might be a group you'd like to be a part of, please check out what we do, and get in touch!

And, as always, remember to #OWNit!


AuthorSamantha Ellis