Here’s to hoping that this New Year is filled with love, joy, and contentment. 

Why contentment, you ask?  Because this is where I write to you, and sometimes that means projecting my thoughts and feelings and issues on to you! You are more than welcome (encouraged, in fact) to forget what doesn’t resonate with your soul!

new things!

This New Year, I’m taking a page from old year’s book, and realizing a lesson I learned during the last 365 days- often my urge for something new comes from a lack of something essential.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like new things as much as the next gal.  There’s nothing wrong in itself with enjoying “newness” in it’s many forms this always changing life presents us with.  All I’m saying is that for me personally, my yearning for something new is really my desire to “feel” that “newness” in my heart or soul.  That IV drip of something new- whether it’s a cardboard box on my doorstep begging to be opened or a new routine or “lifestyle” that I’ve invented- is potent upon first hit, but then slowly fades away after a matter of time (months, weeks, or hours even).

often my urge for something new comes from a lack of something essential.

As I repeat often, some seasons are “survival seasons” and you’ve just got to get through those.  Sometimes that newness is just what a person needs when you’re floundering or sinking out there.  But at other times, I’ve become more keenly aware of my own knee jerk reaction to “medicate” with newness.  When I get that hankering to do something new for the sake of something new, I know I’m probably missing something more substantive in my life, like connection, peace, fulfillment, or even a good night's rest.

So there it is- my “New Years” resolution or whatever.  It’s not a real fancy one, but this year I hope to keep my eyes and heart fixed on the things that really matter to me, like my family, my friends, and my time here.  I hope to be less easily distracted, less short tempered.  I hope to accomplish these things not by sheer willpower, but simply by being more aware of my own signs that something isn’t quite right.

This year, I wonder if you’ll join me in noticing your own urges for “new-ness-ness” and see if you- like me- could use it as a little reminder to be more focused on what really matters to you!

With love,

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AuthorSamantha Schmeltzer