Christmas is my favorite season. 

Not just because of the food, the decor, and the vacation (believe me, those things are very dear to my heart), but because although it’s busy, everyone slows down just enough to remember what it’s all about;

helping one another out, spreading love and happiness, and being together.

As I watch OWNers all year long, I constantly see these things in action.  OWNers work just as hard at giving back to the community as they do on their own companies.  When people talk about good in our community, I don't have to look very far; OWNers are doing amazing things every day, and for little to no recognition, which they don't seem a bit concerned about.

In our private Facebook group for OWNers, these women are constantly coming up with ideas to give back, to help the community, and to be supportive of one another:

To me, this generosity is what the Christmas Season is all about, and what OWNers live out, all year long.

To everyone in The OWN- our sincerest Thank You for all you do.  You make our network, our community, and our lives so much better.

If you want to learn more about The OWN, OWNers and Members, feel free to browse this site!

Above all, have a very Merry Christmas!


AuthorSamantha Ellis