There’s something meaningful about anniversaries.  Every holiday, birthday, or special occasion is really a chance to look back, take a breath, pause and reflect on what this date really means.

As this month marks The OWN’s 4th birthday, we’re taking time to think a little deeper about what we’re doing, and what that really means. The OWN was founded on the conviction that women can do a lot with a little support, and today- 4 years later- we are struck by how true that is.

The people of The OWN have shown in big and small ways that community matters to us.  I’ve been lucky enough to watch from up close and afar the ways in which this takes shape, and what it means to those involved.

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Now, more than ever, we want real connection. We want to be heard, seen, and understood.  We want to listen deeply to another’s story.  Sometimes, we just want to make jokes about how ridiculous life and entrepreneurship/motherhood/parenthood/insert-catergory-here is.  All in all, we’re remembering as we look back this month at the past 4 years that life is better together, it’s okay to learn the hard way, failing isn’t reserved for a special class of people, and neither is happiness.

We’re learning that seasons are everything, that nothing lasts forever (in good and hard ways) and that doing this journey is much better with people that care for us.  We’re learning to let our “yes” be “yes” and our “no” be “no”.  We’re learning how to use automation.  We’re learning when not to.  We’re rediscovering how true it is that the simple things in life really are the best things, and that our integrity is and will always be priceless.  We’ve gone through some growing pains, and some shrinking pains (which we made up but is true), and we’ve become more of who we want to be (sometimes in ways we didn’t want to learn).

All in all, looking back on the last 4 years of The OWN’s “life”, we’re realizing that good things really do take time, and we’re excited to keep growing with one another, no matter what shape that takes in the next 4 years.

Thanks for joining us, supporting us, or even watching from a distance.  We wouldn’t have made it 4 years in business had there not been others that “get it” in ways we couldn’t have hoped for.  

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AuthorSamantha Schmeltzer