Divergent was born as a resource to obtain that assistance by developing a relationship with one group of professionals, rather than having to go out and find that support from five different places or pay outrageous prices. 

kim jaragoske

First tell us about your business--how and why did you start it?
After working with primarily business owners for over fifteen years, either as their business banker or as their tax professional, I had developed a serious passion for entrepreneurship and knew I could help make a difference in other people's businesses by utilizing my unique skill set to  enhance their success rate. With a strong background in financial services and business development, my mission became clear to launch Divergent Business Group after moving to Rapid City.  I'm a bit of a serial entrepreneur with a constant hunger for new information, enjoy the challenge of working with different businesses and industries, and thrive on seeing others succeed.  


What services do you provide?
We offer Business Development services, such as Business Plan Writing, Business Coaching and Entity Formations; Financial Services, such as Bookkeeping, Payroll and Tax Services; and Marketing Services, such as Social Media Management, Website Design, and Online Listings. 


Who can benefit from your services?
Someone that is thinking about starting a business would be highly desired to work with so we can start from the ground up with them.  We also love working with those still in the start-up years or someone that has just grown to the point they need to outsource the tasks they don't have time to do themselves anymore. 


What is a word of advice you can offer to other women in business?
It is worth investing in having your "support team" in place to avoid typical pitfalls for new businesses.   Every business owner needs to have a strong relationship with a good accountant, attorney, banker and insurance agent.  This is your support team that you will need behind you at one point or another.  The better these individuals understand who you are and what your business is about, the better off you will be. 


Why do you love The OWN?
I love The OWN and being an OWNer because of the connections.  I don't just mean the networking connections.  I mean: finding people that I can truly connect with on a very real level because we are like-minded, passionate, driven, have common interests and care about helping others.  I joke often that I finally found exactly what I didn't know I was missing. These are people that embrace each other no matter where you're at in the journey, can relate to the frustrations or issues in businesses that are common amongst many, and are just plain 'ole fun to be around.  


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