CEO, Dr. Helen Usera helps organizations and businesses identify goals and plans for implementation. As a John C. Maxwell certified coach, trainer, and speaker, Helen can help your business improve and grow through group training and individualized coaching. Dr. Usera focuses on her speaking and training on Strategic Leadership, Organizational Development, Leadership Development and Team Building. Helen is available for one to one consultations, as well as group sessions. Read more about Helen's work, and be sure to get in touch with her!



First tell us about your business--how and why did you start it?

I started my business because of a need to help schools. I provided technical support to schools during the No Child Left Behind era. From there, I began to expand into the nonprofit sector and for-proft companies. I enjoy having the ability to help people see their potential through strategic planning and leadership development.

What services do you provide?

I provide organizational support through strategic planning, personnel evaluations, grant/proposal writing, and leadership development. 

Who can benefit from your services?

Small businesses, volunteer boards of directors, nonprofits, and task forces.

What is a word of advice you can offer to other women in business?

Find a support system and make time for connecting to that system (one or more people). It helps to build perspective and keeps you from drowing in your own world.

Why do you love The OWN?

I know I have a group of people I can contact when I am needing help. It is a support mechanism.


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