The OWN is just over 9 months old, and we've seen a lot of changes in our short history.  We've expanded our offices, grown quickly, and found creative solutions to challenges facing business women in our area.  We've helped OWNers who have had unfortunate circumstances arise in their personal lives, and we've watched female entrepreneurs blossom into successful, busy business OWNers.

The one thing we haven't witnessed?  The need for many rules or regulations.

Business women utilizing the network and tools provided by The OWN are incredibly savvy, innovative people.  After all, running a company requires intentionality, a little tenacity, and a lot of hard work.  Joining The OWN, however, has proven to be a helpful and simple process.

Time and time again, we watch women plug into The OWN's community and immediately feel more connected, more supported, and more at home in their business adventures.  Involvement in The OWN is certainly not the golden ticket to success in itself, but it does help lessen the intimidation factor of self employment.  Surrounding yourself with like minded, successful peers traveling a similar path to yours proves incredibly beneficial in so many facets- personally and professionally.

However, being an OWNer doesn't mean becoming immediate best friends with every other individual in The OWN.  It does mean joining a community of women who desire to be connected with something bigger than themselves.  OWNers understand that we all have a different idea of success, and even within "competing" industries in our network, OWNers still find collaborative ways to support one another.

One of my favorite quotes is from the Dalai Lama, who proclaimed "the world will be saved by the western woman."  The more I watch OWNers interact and connect, the more I believe he was right.  Female business owners don't need to be told how to best utilize our resources and make a difference in our community; they just do it naturally.  The bonds we form with one another in our network are a testament to the savviness of the business women in The OWN.  Those in The OWN don't have a structured set of rules to follow, rather they organically come together in meaningful ways.  When a need arises, OWNers are there to help one another.  When cause for celebration surfaces, OWNers come together to enjoy the successes of one another.

Many companies and networking organizations have rules and procedures to follow, and certainly The OWN has internal "protocols" as well, but the best part of this company isn't just services and tools we provide, but the OWNers themselves.  Everyday I'm amazed and impressed by these ambitious women called OWNers.  

OWNers helping one another become more successful; that's freedom through connection.


AuthorSamantha Ellis