There’s nothing quite like October to rekindle our obsession with hygge.

It’s the appeal of all things cozy, simple, and warm.  Regardless of what the weather actually is, October just “feels” fall, and reminds us that a new season is on the horizon.  

the own + hygge

Maybe that’s why October has me thinking of OWNers and their ability to transform themselves, their businesses, and really their lives to whatever season of life they’re in.  Sometimes the season of life calls for slowing down, taking it all in, looking back on what you haven’t questioned for a little too long, and resting.  Some seasons call for quick thinking, fast choices, and a flexible day schedule and to-do list.  While I know which season I prefer, OWNers know that life just doesn’t work that way, and they seem to find creative solutions to any and all seasons that life throws at them.

The “entrepreneurial spirit” as many call it, does seem to have a certain “flow” to it. After a few years of watching well-made plans fall apart due to circumstances beyond your control, most seasoned entrepreneurs I know take the attitude of grit mixed with a “plan-B” attitude.  They work hard, they plan to get it done, but sometimes things just go a different way.

I’ve been lucky enough to be among some of the most creative people, and having been able to watch these seasons (up close and from a distance), I’m confident saying that business OWNers in particular learn to navigate life with wisdom instead of just facts or knowledge. A little over four years ago, I wouldn’t have understood that there was even a difference, but today it makes complete sense.

So- to those of us out there celebrating the changing seasons in weather as well as in our businesses, let’s remember to take time to be there for one another, to find the good as best we can, and to remember that no season lasts forever.


AuthorSamantha Schmeltzer