Words can be powerful. They can expand things, box them in, or put them under a microscope. I've taken to words for a very long time; ever since I fell in love with journaling to get through a particularly painful season in life. It was profoundly helpful to be able to put feelings into words and sit with them for a little while, getting used to the weight of them while starting to understand my own thoughts. 

feel enough

Words can help us wrap things in understanding, allowing us to hold our feelings out for others and say, "see?". Often we're lucky enough to receive a nod in return, or even better, hear "me too".

While there have been many words to describe various times in life, none may be more fitting for this season than "enough". 

It's such a multifaceted word, and the beauty of it is endless. 

When things are too crazy, you can shout "ENOUGH!", and begin to sort out what really matters. Enough is more than "no", it's "not anymore, I'm not budging." It's, as my friend Ashley Kiefer says, "not ever" instead of "not right now", which is powerful, protective, and honest. 

When you're feeling lost, enough lends a hand to perspective by asking, "do I have enough today?". It begs a deeper question of "how much is really enough?". It's a lesson on presence and being available for life as it stands today. It's the reminder that all you have is right now, and sometimes that truly is enough. 

Enough can be an invitation. It can be a tool. It can be a powerful grounding to the very substance of life. 

Enough is the word I want my daughter and the young women in my life to learn to say early and often. When the world pushes and demands you look a certain way, act a certain way, live a certain set of ideals, enough is there to call out for reevaluation. 

When the world puts an endless amount of shiny new objects in front of you, shouting and whispering "wouldn't this be nice?", enough is a revolutionary statement of simplicity, of and end to endless consumerism, of freedom and a sense of self control. 

When "no" isn't as strong as you need, "enough" is. 

When life seems overwhelming and complicated, enough is a reminder that all you have is all you have. 

In this season of your life, how could "enough" serve you? In what ways could you come alongside it, befriend it, and learn from it?  Maybe it's to realize what you already have.  Maybe it's declaring that you're at your limit and need to slow down.  Maybe it's both.

I hope today is filled with enough of what you need. If anything seems like it's missing, get in touch and see if we're a place you might want to be!

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AuthorSamantha Schmeltzer