Hi! My name is Sam, and I’m an addict.

My drug of choice is efficiency, and my chaser is hurry.  The ping of doing more, faster, and better draws me in with their promise of feeling “enough” if I can do enough.  It’s not just work- it’s stuff some might call the “important” things too.  I want to cram in MORE family time, more quality time, more eye contact, and active listening, and conversations that matter.  I want to stuff my life so full of the good, and the done, and the check marks, and the sentimental that sometimes I forget to be just here, just now, as I am.  I forget that some days there will be no progress, and that is okay.


This is what I learned in 2017, and continue to learn in this New Year.  I learned that “this moment” is what I have.  I learned that hurry is a poor substitute for peace.  I learned that some things are better left undone.  I learned that I have a team that not only is capable of helping me, but that they seem to want to help me, and that I need to allow help to happen to me.  I learned that a little grace, a lot of connection, and a certain amount of stillness is good for the soul.  I am still learning how much stillness is required of me for my heart to rest, and that’s not an easy lesson for a busybody like me to answer.  Perhaps check back in 2019.

There was a lot to learn last year. Here’s what some of the amazing women in our community learned in 2017:

"Two things: the first is not to continue doing something, whether it be running a business or a personal habit, simply because it's just what you've always done and you know that people expect it/ associate whatever it is with you. It's okay to to end something. And #2, it's very difficult, and sometimes even impossible, to make an adjustment in your life, from your diet to your home/work balance to how you treat people, without first recognizing that it stems from the heart."
-Kayla Gahagan

"I learned that you can't stay small for someone else. I learned that you can't go backwards and the very hardest thing to embrace is true authenticity and living your own truth. I also learned how worth it all of that is on the other side."
-Jenny Telechan, Black Hills Advocate

"I learned that stepping outside my comfort zone reaped big rewards. I also learned that it's okay if not everyone likes me, as long as I am happy with myself. The next thing isn't really something I learned but that I like to keep with me to put things into perspective: "If time or money can solve it, then it's not really a problem."
Molly Barari, Barari Writing, Marketing, and PR

"Having my Epiphany and experiencing a transformative year. I finally was smart enough to step away from the notion of “career” and follow my own beliefs. The path I am now on is not of a “career” but of purpose and change."
-Sara Hornick, Thrive Acupuncture and Wellness

"I learned that at 54 years old I can still step out and do something SCARY. This is what makes me tick, stepping outside my comfort zone not knowing totally what I'm doing, where I'm going or how to get there. Figuring it out as I go. I have a vision, it might change as I go, but I'm ok with that."

"To always start with “Why”. Figuring out the WHY for whatever we are choosing in business or life before going forward makes it much simpler to create an action plan or acceptance to do it."

"Hmmmm, I feel like I am always learning but I've never "learned." haha. Mine is continuing to learn there really is no way to effectively multi-task. It's bad for the tasks, it's bad for the people you are not focusing on and it's bad for my body/mind/soul because NOTHING is ever DONE. . . It's like I'm on a multi-tasking, never-ending Merry-Go-Round. So anyway "In 2017 I Learned. . . that FOCUS is my friend. One thing at a Time. . . ."
-Renee Sales, The Sales Connection

Whatever you're learning in this season, we hope you're finding your way to a better, happier, and healthier you!  If you'd like to connect with a community who's in the same boat, be sure to get in touch with us!