The OWN was founded as a “rubber meets the road” kind of company.  We didn’t want to just talk about the problems female entrepreneurs were facing; we wanted to do something about it.  We wanted to provide real, tangible tools and services for female entrepreneurs in our community.  We had these needs as businesswomen, and we couldn’t shake the feeling that we weren’t the only ones lacking access to affordable, flexible services tailored to our lifestyles.

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Fast forward to today, a few years into The OWN and we now know we weren’t alone in our situation.  The OWN has provided a launchpad, a stepping stone, and a partner to women living a freelance or self-employed lifestyle.

When people join our network, we’re clear that part of our efforts in meeting needs comes with flexibility- if we’re not a good fit for you, you can cancel anytime since we bill month to month.  Our services aren’t a “one sized fits all” deal- you can pay for only what you need, whether it’s just connection to the group and support, or a workspace, or an actual human to help you with your business needs.

While we can talk about the tangible services and tools The OWN can provide, what’s most special about our network is not found on the contract.  It’s in the OWNers and Members themselves; sharing life together, meals, stories, laughs, and sympathy.  We often hear some variation of the sentiment, “I came for the office, I stayed for the connection,” and we couldn’t be happier about that.

The women of The OWN are amazing. They’re intelligent, brave, funny, and supportive. As soon as I joined, I knew that I would find the friendships and connections I needed to move my business ventures forward. I am so thankful for their guidance and encouragement. Without The OWN, I would be lost!
— Katie, Little Leaf Copy Editing
Joining The OWN gave me the lifeline I didn’t know I needed. Within its community, I found friendships and support. I gained valuable business insight and knowledge — which eventually led me to closing my business and starting the nonprofit I’d always wanted to launch! Here I found confidence, connection, comic relief, and — more than anything — a whole lot of priceless “me, too!”
— Brianna, Painted Prayers
The OWN is full of resources; resources for success. The OWN can be the team to help reach your goals, develop lasting business and personal relationship and be the “behind the scenes” support.
— Laura, Walking In Grace
I was stuck. While working in my home office, I was missing human contact and relationships plus desired a space to meet with clients. After joining The OWN, I’ve gained the network to support me, resources I didn’t expect and an incredible space when I need it. Joining has turned out to be the best decision for me and my business!
— Kim, Divergent Business Group
I use the OWN a bit differently than many others in that I needed a nice space to hold small classes. I love the promotional aspect the OWN provides, but more than anything, I love that they hear our needs and meet us where we are.
— Donna, Birth Boot Camp
I needed the OWN to help market my freelance writing services. The network of supportive women that comes along with it is an invaluable bonus!
— -Molly, Barari Writing Marketing and PR
AuthorSamantha Schmeltzer