In the months since having my daughter, I'm learning the hard and slow truth of so many things about life. It doesn't come with a manual. Especially not one we refer to as "google". 

The other morning I was talking to two owners in particular. Cassie and Donna. Cassie happens to be a certified nurse midwife and the CEO of Appletree Midwifery, and Donna runs a company called Birth Boot Camp, which was excellent because I had questions about my baby. 

"She hardly ever falls asleep on her own. I have to nurse her to sleep most of the time. Is that okay?" I asked, knowing these mothers and trained professionals would guide me into light and truth, as I was living in darkness and confusion. Google had recently led me to believe that by nursing my 4 month old to sleep, I was basically setting her up to be- in summary of what the blogs, forums, and parenting articles presented me- a drop-out or a bum, whichever comes first. 

To my relief, these two OWNers greeted my question with a resounding and happy, "Absolutely!"

Reassuring me that it was normal, it's okay to listen to my baby, and she might be dealing with a growth spurt, a little teething, the time change, booster shot fussiness or God only knows what else, these two wise women (and handy resources as it happens) gave me just what I was longing for. 

Not answers. 


In honesty, I knew my daughter was fine. I knew it was okay to nurse her to sleep because it felt right. It works well. It made us both super happy to do. It's easily achievable. She and I both enjoy the bonding time and the easy naps thereafter. 

At the end of the day, I really wanted permission to keep doing what I was doing, that it didn't make me a horrible mother. It didn't make me lazy because I wasn't working on "self soothing techniques" just yet. I didn't want a search result. I wanted understanding. I wanted compassion. I wanted the knowing nods and the relating agreements of "my baby did that too". 

Reflecting on my search for permission with my daughter in many ways mirrors the experience I've had in business. The beauty of The OWN isn't always that we "have the right answers" for your business questions. 

The real beauty of The OWN is from the knowing nods you get when you're struggling, or the excited agreement you receive from someone who really gets just how big of a win you had. It's the ideas we share from the hard won lessons of what NOT to do, and the energetic openness of telling a fellow owner some of your (sanity saving) best practices. 

It's getting permission when you went looking for answers. 

In the age of search results and article after article on what is "right", the magic of human connection reveals what's "real". 

Whether you join The OWN, or have your own network of supportive fellow parents, professionals, and friends, take some time to encourage a fellow human, empathize with their struggles and celebrate their successes. In the age of performance based results, it's nice to remember at the end of the day, were all doing our best, trying not to ruin our kids and our careers. 

If you think you might fit in with a group of business ladies who "get it", feel fee to get in touch!

The real beauty of The OWN is knowing that you're not going it alone!

AuthorSamantha Ellis