November is the perfect month to begin with gratitude.  With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching like a freight train, and most of us secretly thinking, “Didn’t we just do Thanksgiving? How is it November again?”, it’s good to have the occasional reminder to slow down, take a deep breath, and really reflect on all the things we have to be truly grateful for.

At The OWN, we’re always thinking of ways to make life better for female entrepreneurs. We’re often talking about the issues they face, the needs they have that go unmet, and how incredibly strong, resourceful, and talented they are.  While OWNers are the main focus of our time and resources, Thanksgiving may be the perfect time to give thanks to those who help us cater to OWNers.

Our Members are in the network because they believe in small business. They believe in the power and ingenuity of women.  They believe in helping even the smallest of companies to succeed, grow, and better our community.  Our Members are larger companies who quite literally help us continue to bring services and expertise to small business women.

Although “thank you” may not be enough, we are so incredibly grateful for the companies throughout Rapid City that support our efforts.  We also find that these same companies that help us provide unique services to our clients also seem to be supporting dozens upon dozens of other worthwhile causes.  If you take a look at the list of VIP Members we have in specific, you’re sure to notice their names and logos on everything, from soccer jerseys to banners at non-profit events.  These companies are often footing bills for networking events, small business classes, workshops, and tools for those in our city.  They very often provide matching funds to our schools fundraisers, are giving scholarships to talented students and athletes, and providing internships and mentorships to our community’s youth.

These companies are an integral part of what The OWN does, because although we try to provide for our clients in every way, we simply cannot.  For example, we can’t insure their companies, provide loans, give legal advice, or file their taxes.  Our VIP Members specifically can do all these things, and they do so exceedingly well.  Our Members bridge the gap for our small business clients in ways we can’t, and for that, they deserve a very big “thank you”, as well as support from our community at large.

To our Members- a sincere thank you from us for all that you do.  We would not be here without the support you provide to us, and to our clients.  Thank you for working hard for small businesses in ways that other companies may not consider as “important” as bigger companies.  Each and every one of you have helped us “pay it forward” to small business women in our community. Thank you, thank you, thank you.