Remember when 20anything was "the future", and now it's already 2016?  Time certainly does fly, but at The OWN, we're thankful that "The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time." (from Bertrand Russell, for our fellow quote nerds).  We've enjoyed our time during 2015 in more ways than we could describe; our first full calendar year is in the books and has exceeded our expectations, we've grown substantially, we've created some awesome new partnerships, met the most incredible people in Rapid, and watched business women come together to accomplish some mind blowing things.

As we reflect on the past year, we're reminded we've grown a little older, become a little wiser, and in this new year, we'll have a little more room to work in!



Available beginning January 1st 2016, we have more options for our office space rental!  We've added a second location, which includes the opportunity to have a more permanent work space.  With two private offices, several spots open for permanent desktop space in the common area, and more room for drop ins, we can serve more OWNers with more ways to grow- literally!



As an added bonus, our new partnership with The Bakery in Sioux Falls allows us to do even more good at an even greater distance.  Now, every OWNer has the ability to use their space when visiting the SF area!  (Just stop in and show your "The OWN" USB for access!)


With 2 locations in Rapid, and a partnership in Sioux Falls, there's few limitations to where and how your business can grow in 2016!

If you're interested in using either of our locations (or both!) please use the submission form below! We look forward to hearing from you!

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We likely sound like a broken record after saying this all year, but we are so thankful for those involved in The OWN.  Whether you're an OWNer, Member, or community partner/supporter, we are truly grateful for you- you make this community what it is.  Here's to another amazing year changing the world!

AuthorSamantha Ellis