Here at The OWN, the best thing we do is encourage our clients to act as freely as possible within our community.  

This is true with our services (with the "pay for only what you need" model), our events, our conversations, and now our OWNer Ambassador positions.  By not stifling OWNers from creating, expanding, and controlling their own businesses and involvement in our network, we end up with an incredibly organic environment where diversity isn't dangerous, and community happens naturally.

Out of this platform, truly beautiful things are emerging (stay tuned to this blog for updates).  OWNer Ambassadors are coming up with ways to plug The OWN into the community, help one another to greater extents, find new ways to work and create, and mentor each other in more one-on-one scenarios.  Since OWNer Ambassadors are another "create your own" position, clients are free to come up with amazing ways to spread freedom and encouragement to others in our network and beyond to the Rapid City region.  We're only just beginning to see what's evolving out of these new roles.

My takeaway is that sometimes, it's easy to think we have to keep our thumb on things or become a bottleneck for everything to go well.  Here at The OWN, we know that sometimes losing control is the way real diversity and multifaceted collaborations take place.  Often, control and hierarchy are what feel safe to us; being able to keep everything a certain way or know where everyone is on an invisible scale may provide short lived feelings of security.  While knowing how, what and why things are getting done is definitely important, letting go of things that have the potential to be more fluid tend to give you an even greater security in the long run.  When things happen naturally, they have a way of sustaining themselves, requiring less maintenance from you, and a longer lifespan.  All these wonderful ingredients can result in such a fantastic end result, we may question why we ever felt the need for control in the first place!

If you want to learn more about joining our growing, organic community, check out our "Become an OWNer" or "Become a Member" page.  To learn more about what we do and who we are, read our story of where it all started!  At the very least, comment below to share the ways you've lost control of something, what you learned from it, and how it impacted a project or situation!  Above all, keep #OWNingIt!

AuthorSamantha Ellis