Here we are, in July already! We at The OWN hope you're having a fantastic summer, and finding time to fit in all the warm weather activities you love!

Here at The OWN, we're finding more time for the things we love about our community! We've added more services for OWNers and Members to take advantage of, and wanted to share them with you now!

The ASK: A networking event for OWNers and Members. Hosted at the commons for free! Networking meets speed dating (so there's no public speaking, just person to person referral passing!) We provide the referral tablets and coffee, you bring your name tag and business cards! The votes are in, and Thursday evenings work best for the majority! We'll shoot for 4pm-5pm the second Thursday of each month

The TEND: Short for Teach, Enrich, Nurture, and Develop, TEND's are OWNer led and organized workshops or classes! Hosted and supported by The OWN, these are ticketed events that will take place in the commons, and we have pre-designed 'plug&play' promotion materials/ all the tools you'll need to give a great presentation! The OWN will handle the credit card processing and sales tax, and half the ticket sales go directly to OWNers!! Tickets are sold to anyone for $10 (via our website), or OWNers may choose to host a TEND for free! There was a tie for dates to have this event, so for now we'll start with the first Monday of each month. The vote for time was mid day, but this can be subject to the OWNer presenting The TEND's schedule!

These events are open to the public, so please click below to learn how to attend!

The Seven: An advisory board containing 7 individuals to help guide The OWN's company direction and decisions. Positions are: 2 individuals from The OWN, an OWNer, a Member, a Financial Advisor, a Mentor, and a key community individual. Meetings are bi monthly and terms last 1 or 2 years (so the commitment is 4 meetings per year term)! This helps me generate new ideas, and gives OWNers and Members a chance to have more of a say in how we grow as a company/community! Meeting times are TBD, please email me if you're interested!


We've come up with one more idea for OWNers only!

OWNer Ambassadors: this is a proposal for our amazing clients!! OWNers are encouraged to come up with a title for themselves to preform a facet of service or directives on The OWN's behalf. Examples: New OWNer Coordinator, Director of Events, Director of Health and Wellness, etc! Very active roles are able to gain nominal discounts on your services! OWNer Ambassadors will be promoted on the site, and submission forms are subject to review by The Seven! If needed, we'll begin periodic Ambassador meetings monthly for active roles! Email Sam for submission sheets (they'll be on the site soon!)


That's all folks! We'll keep you updated with more info on the specific pages for each item! Call, email or text with questions!

AuthorSamantha Ellis