In every line of business, there are misconceptions.

One we deal with quite often is the idea that The OWN helps women launch new businesses.  While we can (and occasionally do) help newer business OWNers navigate options or ideas in running their practices, most often The OWN plugs in seasoned professionals to a network of their peers.  This alone is beneficial in multifaceted ways.  Often, as a sole proprietor or freelancer, business women can feel (as we've heard it put) like we're "working on an island".  Having a network of other business women in the same position as ourselves mean we suddenly have someone to bounce ideas off of, talk about the celebrations and the pit falls, and share tips, tricks, and often tools of the trade.  I can't recall how many times I've loaned out my credit card swiper to a fellow OWNer, or asked for a recommendation on a free app.  Having a network of female business OWNers to work with, contract, and give and receive support is priceless.

The OWN is a community of women who are talented, and excel at what they do.  Our community isn't a group of shaky newbies, but one of savvy professionals.

So where does that leave The OWN?

Bridging the gap:

Small business women often work from home; a situation many will call a "blessing and a curse".  For more reasons than we can list here, working explicitly from home sometimes just doesn't work.  Having an affordable, flexible location to outsource to can be an enormous relief.

The private Mentor Podcast brings the benefit of having a business mentor to you in a conversational format.  Statistically, 2 of 3 successful men report having a mentor, while only 1 in 3 women do.  The experience and knowledge of a variety of successful business women throughout our community is one of our greatest treasures.  

Administrative services are often an overhead expense small business owners can't easily afford.  Giving OWNers access to an administrative professional to ease workload (occasionally or long term) can take some of the burden off our shoulders.

The OWN gives women access to tools they can use to become successful entrepreneurs.  Running our own businesses can be incredibly fulfilling, and even more so when we all succeed- and reap the rewards- together.  And what's better than a community full of successful, happy, business women?

If reading this resonated with you, please get in touch with us!  Whether or not The OWN is a perfect fit for you and your business, we'd love to make your acquaintance! 

AuthorSamantha Ellis