Carol White's Personal Fitness Studio has teamed up with Kristina Barker Photography, local graphic designer Katy Stulc, and Free International's Tess Franzen to help bring awareness in South Dakota about the dangers of human trafficking. Our state's women and children have fallen victim to this horrific crime and the studio is bringing together concerned community members to shed light on the issue. Human trafficking at its core is a failure to value all human beings as the precious and unique creations they are. We are not commodities. We embody strength, value and inner beauty. 

A $20 donation purchases a 14-month calendar. Thanks to our generous donors and volunteers, one hundred percent of your donation will be given to Countryside Church in Spearfish, where organizers are working to bring the Say Anything assemblies to area schools so we can educate our youth on the dangers of human trafficking. If you would like to make a donation or purchase a calendar, please make your checks payable to Countryside Church and contact photographer Kristina Barker. Thank you for your support and dedication to this important cause. We are excited to announce in the coming weeks our next project to continue fundraising. 

For more information, please contact one of our newest OWNers: 

Kristina Barker

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AuthorSamantha Ellis