Once again, the beauty of The OWN is shining through.  It's not just about a network of professionals; The OWN is about community.  "Freedom through connection" really does take action.

Jessica in her fire damaged kitchen.

Jessica in her fire damaged kitchen.

This month, it's in the form of donations to Jessica Johnson.  We've set up a GoFundMe campaign to help offset the cost of her house repair deductible after her recent house fire. 

OWNers and Members have come together to pitch in and help out in any way they are able, be it monetary or service donations.  The first day alone, nearly three hundred dollars was raised.  Members from Modern Woodmen have generously offered to match a portion of the funds we raise.  We've formed a silent auction for Jessica on April 18th (@Murphy's 3:00-6:00pm) where many OWNers have offered goods or services to be given to the highest bidder.


We are so sincerely thankful for all of you that have stepped up to help out in this rough time of need.

The silver lining in this situation- in a word- is YOU.

Thank you!

AuthorSamantha Ellis