So far, February has been... well, in a nutshell:

photocred: Ali @  Hyperbole and a Half

photocred: Ali @ Hyperbole and a Half

We are running. All the time.  Half the time it seems like we don't know what's going on, but in the best way, and things still seem to get accomplished well and on time.  Basically, things around The OWN lately are the best mix of happiness, abundance, overload, busy schedules, and community.  Wonderful, brilliant community.  

The best and most complex part of The OWN, essentially, is explaining what it is.  How do you put into black and white what this amazing community of women has become?  We are an evolving, changing, and growing populace, and saying in a few short sentences what that is would be like nailing jello to the wall.

As difficult as a single definition is to articulate, I did my best when I was asked to be on South Dakota Public Broadcasting's Innovation Segment a while back.  It was humbling to be a part of the series to say the least.  After taking a few deep breaths, (and Kristina's reassurance that I wouldn't- in fact- forget my train of thought because I start thinking about Pita Pit) I sauntered down to the studio to chat about our awesome network!  Although this company proves to be difficult to wrap a label around, I tried to explain the organic and collaborative company we have all come to know and love.  

Give it a listen if you have a few minutes, and thank you all for your involvement in making our little dream of a better business world a reality we get to live out everyday! ~Sam

AuthorSamantha Ellis