At The OWN, we're consistently impressed and thrilled with the women we meet.  Rapid City has a plethora of fierce, talented, caring, successful women it's been hiding for what seems an eternity.  We're finally finding a way to be more connected with one another through The OWN, and happy we have an avenue to collaborate. Most of us find ourselves thinking 'Why didn't we do this sooner?'

And now after a year, we seem to keep watching the same story play itself out with the amazing entrepreneurs we come across.  Women come to our office in search of something in particular, such as office space, social media marketing help, or administrative assistance for a busy work season.  While our company was founded on providing this vital access and support, we notice that even if OWNers change or cancel certain services they no longer need, they're sticking around for something more.  We're observing women joining for the services, and staying for the community.

There's something nearly magical about feeling like you've found your people.  Even more as entrepreneurs it's often a lonely journey, so discovering a network of people in the same situations can be priceless.  In many trials as a business owner, having this kind of support and encouragement is enough to keep you going when you'd rather give up.

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We're believing more and more that when you bring people together around a common passion in a pressure free way, things get awesome.  OWNers have worked together to bring about some amazing things (just check out our calendar for some awesome monthly events started by the OA's), have collaborated to make impacts in our community (like Bridget Zuvela's A Night for Hope), and have dreamed up bigger and better ways to bring women together, and help even more (The TRADE)!  These are just a few examples of how women working together create an environment that sparks even more good ideas (most of which end up benefitting the whole community).

If you're feeling like the fall season might be the perfect time for you to connect with an amazing group of entrepreneurs, it's probably time to schedule a visit.  If even the thought of setting up a meeting gives you anxiety (we get it, introverts), try coming to one of our monthly Socials (we just happen to have an extra awesome event coming up).  It's a fun way to mingle with OWNers and Members, and you might find some new life long friends.  

Plus, we usually have wine and food, if you're into that sort of thing. 

Hope to see you all soon!

AuthorSamantha Ellis