The OWN has a lot to be thankful for this Holiday Season.  There's no better time to reflect on how blessed we are than Thanksgiving. 

In keeping with the sentiment of gratefulness, we decided to share 3 little things we are thankful about, before we leave the offices for the holiday!  

We genuinely hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow!

I'm thankful for:

1) Finding a company that makes me happy to go to work every day!
2) Finally living near my family in beautiful South Dakota again.
3) Having little things in life to make me happy: my cat, good food, coffee, and Gilmore Girls on Netflix!
— Veronica
1) The freedom to do what I love, be completely myself, and have fun everyday.
2) The amazing clients I get to meet through The OWN (truly life changing women).
3) My incredible fiancé and family- including my soon to be in-laws! I’m extremely lucky to have such awesome people in my life!
— Samantha

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