Thank goodness for Emma Watson.  She made Hermione Granger from Harry Potter come to life on the big screen, she gives the good people on Reddit something to talk about, and she gave an authentic, heart filled speech about the importance of getting men involved with feminism.

At the heart of The OWN, we are a company for women.  Women have been told their whole lives what to be, what not to be, and who can tell them which is which. We want to be the start to the end of that "norm".  Even better, we want to get men in on it.  Men were often made the enemy to the gender equality movement, which is quite ironic really.  The heart behind equality of any kind has to have the base line of "equal rights for all" by definition.  To say one is better and the other is the enemy defeats the purpose entirely.  

The OWN combines an authentic desire to see all people as equal, with network support to put that desire into action.  Collaboration, creativity, and connection happen naturally.

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Happy Thursday, and don't forget to #OWNit

AuthorSamantha Ellis