Jenny Hoover moved from California, and told us her clients didn't mind; "In fact, most of my initial clients were referred to me from the agencies I was working with. I still have most of them as my clients today, even after a cross-country move."

What if there were other ways to work, other ways to go about our lives and businesses in ways that make sense for the different needs of each life? What if others came together to support that?  What if we could all share the burden of cost, but also share the burden (and joy) of life in general?

AuthorSamantha Schmeltzer

This month's featured business is RO Investigation and Research, LLC which focuses on defense investigations.  Shannon started her business 2 years ago to bring the skills gained in her 15 years in the law enforcement field to the defense side of the justice system.  

We are a culture of people who don’t know how to rest.  We know how to go, keep going, and continue to go on fumes.  We know how to push through, which is a great quality in it's season, but you can't push through if you've never learned to rest.

Divergent was born as a resource to obtain that assistance by developing a relationship with one group of professionals, rather than having to go out and find that support from five different places or pay outrageous prices. 

I learned that “this moment” is what I have.  I learned that hurry is a poor substitute for peace.  I learned that some things are better left undone.  I learned that I have a team that not only is capable of helping me, but that they seem to want to help me, and that I need to allow help to happen to me.  I learned that a little grace, a lot of connection, and a certain amount of stillness is good for the soul.  I am still learning how much stillness is required of me for my heart to rest, and that’s not an easy lesson for a busybody like me to answer.  Perhaps check back in 2019.

Why do you love The OWN? 
I have been part of The OWN since it started but also since my practice was very little. It really helped me grow as a person and business owner.  Sometimes I just needed to bounce an idea off another person that is in my shoes, or could see things from another perspective.  OWNers are people who want to succeed and are willing to help you do the same. 

So, in 2018, we might not be the company that changes the way the world shops, but we hope to be the company that changes the way we rest.  We hope to be the company that reminds you that you’re doing enough and you are enough.  We hope to be the company that reminds us that things that truly matter are not instant; they take time.  We hope to be the company that’s more about connectedness and peace than correspondence and productivity.  In an ever changing world, we hope to be the company that reminds you that you’ve known all along what matters most to you, and you have everything you need to be able to enjoy those things.